Why VADA Vents?

Every VADA Vented
Roof will be thoroughly inspected.
Here, Technical Representative Andy
Austin inspects a VADA Roof installation in Kansas.


State of Emergency declared for Quincy, IL after
severe weather 7-13-2015.

70 mile per hour winds caused extensive damage in Quincy, Illinois: Trees uprooted, gas lines broken, impassible roads, and roofs damaged. On a local shopping center, roofs were damaged, stone coping caps were blown off and HVAC units were damaged.

However, a 600 square (60,000 sq. ft.) VADA Vented Roof, on a 40’ tall building was completely unharmed. Strategically placed VADA Vents create vacuum, holding the roofing membrane in place. VADA Vents, in conjunction with an engineered perimeter, create a winning combination. This patented and patent pending technology has never been damaged by a wind event in over 28 years of real world applications.

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