About VADA (Vent Assisted Design Assembly)

VADA, LLC has a singularly unique perspective on vented roofs.

We have the anecdotal evidence of seeing an F4 tornado pass within 600 feet of a 120,000 square foot VADA vented roof. (So close, that debris from destroyed buildings landed on our roof.) And, we observed the outstanding results when Super Typhoon Paka hit Guam with 158 MPH sustained winds and the 65,000 square foot vented roof stayed on. We can point to this anecdotal evidence: Through the decades, not one VADA vented roof has ever been damaged by a wind event. None.

Anecdotal evidence is quite interesting.

When adjacent roofs blow off in a tornado and a VADA, LLC roof is undamaged, that is a great story. But, why do the roofs perform so well? To answer that, VADA, LLC personnel went into the laboratory to have third-party testing performed. FM 4474 or UL 1897 tests can be manipulated to provide outstanding results. VADA, LLC has never manipulated a test. We performed the testing exactly as the engineers specified. Our test data is accurate and honest. Our results are real. We have empirical data that explains the anecdotal observations.

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